Tuesday, January 18, 2011

These Moments

'Tis the season for the sickies. My babes have gotten hit hard in the last few days.

Both of them at the very same time!
Fevers, coughing, congestion, and belly aches.

It's been awhile since they've been sick and I've had to stay home from work. But as stressful as it seemed a day to tackle with trying to work from home and be nurse to my little men, I enjoyed it. My other wise bouncing-off-the-wall, couch-diving guys are more quiet and snuggly. They need their Momma.

Nothing feels more validating to me as a Mother than being able to nurse my babies back to health when they are ill. I dress up the couch with pillows and blankets, put tissues near by and I let them watch movies and eat popsicles. Today I even let them decorate cookies to bake when they had the energy.

As Mommies there isn't anything we wouldn't do to make our babies feel better.

And it's moments like these that I hope my boys remember. How nurtured and taken care of they felt by their Mom. In the way I remember feeling about my Mom feeding me soup and stroking my hair on sick days home from school. It is one of the most genuine acts of love.

Eventhough I had several tasks to complete for work with impending deadlines, I didn't let my to-do list get in the way today of my main priority and I didn't let it define the pace of our day. I took lots of lazy time full of nothing but holding my boys, watching movies and stroking wisps of hair from their warm little foreheads.

It's true, I really do live for these moments..

BTW: Have you ever tried the vicks vapor rub on the feet with warm socks trick for a cough? I know it's an old wives tale..but honestly it really works!!

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