Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Sexy Jakie Sandwich

At the end last week, my husband left for Seattle to visit his bestie. He's been trying for some time to get out there to see him and has always wanted to see Seattle. Being a huge fan of coffee, grunge and overcast skies, he's always felt so kindred to the city.

So finally he goes for an extended weekend where his buddy Andy and him set off on all kinds of adventures. Sweetly enough they send me some text pics when they reach Forks.

Yep, those extremely burly not-so-Twilight-loving men drove through Olympia National Forest to get to Forks to spend some of their precious time. Some of it because they know how much my girlfriends and I are Edward & Jacob obsessed.

They even ate at the Twilight Cafe where they sent me this pic:

Do you want these salt and pepper shakers as bad as I do?

Both of them after their meal called me in the car on speaker to laugh about the meals they ate. Andy asked the waitress for a burger and she said to him "You mean the Twilight burger?". He refused to say it and instead said "yeah just a burger". My husband finding total humor in it all ordered loud and proud the "Sexy Jakie Sandwich". hahahaaa. I roared with laughter at this.

If you knew them both you would know how funny it is that they had the ultimate Twilight experience. My husband brought back some cute souvenirs including the "Twilight Times", magnets that say Forks, and rocks from La Push beach. So thoughtful and really still so funny.

I can't wait to see the rest of the pics and hear about the other escapades these two funny guys had. I'll share more interesting parts of their adventure soon!


  1. That sounds like fun! I have never even seen twilight...strange since I used to be vampire much so I even loved buffy the vampire slayer...the tv show and angel...but i mean come on it's David Boreonez...anyhow, I wanted to let you know that you won the Adventure Date Giveaway on my blog. Please email me so I can get your prize to you, and I have two more giveaways going on you may be interested in.

    oops I always forget to leave my email!


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