Saturday, January 15, 2011

Paint Therapy

Therapy is expensive. Let's be honest we all need it. I choose sometimes to medicate with DIY projects. Painting is very therapeutic. Just you, a can of spray paint and the unsuspecting piece that is going to have it's life changed. I feel so calm and accomplished after. I really do.

Turquoise is my color weapon of choice. If it were up to me everything in my house would be a shade of it. The hubs will not have it. But luckily he puts up with a nauseating amount of it.

Armed with a can of turquoise spray paint I went postal on a thrift store find who by-golly needed help. This once ugly gold, dusty, Liberace mirror should thank me.

Now it makes me happy and hangs whimsically in the play/craft room.

Notice the turquoise photo frame in the reflection of the mirror. I painted that as well as it was the same ugly gold. A coat and cute pic of my kids holding hands later it's perfection. The other pic is a canvas I also found at a thrift store and I used yellow paint on it. Then I mounted a black and white of my boys on it.

I also attacked the kids desk. This was a DIY almost gone wrong. I found an old desk top in the Ikea salvage department for $1. Crazy. It had to come home with me.

I had a piece of lumber cut down at Lowes into four legs and my husband drilled them into the table. Of course the laminate on top split and it didn't look so pretty. A coat of my favorite color definitely helped. I plan on coming up with something to cover the holes left in the top. Total cost for this awesome desk: $4.

Can't beat it.

and of course once in the mode I was searching for other victims for my turquoise paint tirade and found my vintage owl trivets who were all rusty. Aren't they cute?

Paint can improve just about anything. And it most definitely improves my mood.

Now go paint and I'll bill you later.

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  1. Too cute! Love the turquoise... You can come find things to spray paint in my house any time!

  2. Truly marvelous and quite cheerful. You should check out Domestically Speaking's Power of Paint party - this one is definitely up her alley!
    Great job,

  3. The mirror is wonderful!

    My (color) weapon of choice is that popular lime green color. My boyfriend is thankful he doesn't live with me :P

  4. This is one of my new favorite colors. Love your blog and your creativity. Thanks so much for sharing a bit of yourself on Motivated Monday at Becolorful.

  5. Hi! Can you tell me the color turquoise? Thanks!


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