Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's Spring..FINALLY!

Yay! for my poor feet and hands who need a sandblaster and some spackle!

I'm pretty lazy classic when it comes to nails. I like them shorter, squared off and nude. The funkiest I normally go is black. Lately I've been seeing some beautiful nail options that really do appeal to me. I am weighing my options on what to do as I am going on my bi-annual trip to NYC for bridal market and need a fun manicure.

DIY of course.

This one is rather cool but maybe a bit to bright for my taste. Perfect for Easter if you're brave.


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This one is super cute and shabby chic. I may definately try this one soon, but it's not right for this NYC trip.

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I am in total love with feathers right now! This one looks pretty high maintenance though.
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I completely would rock this one all year 'round. Wonder how long it would stay pretty on Mommy hands.

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This is such a modern take on a French manicure. I just love the tone on tone. Must try this one as well. Find the tutorial here.

I love lace and this is just genious.  Find the DIY here.

This manicure is totally chic! I'm gonna keep some great newspaper articles just to do this with. I bet it would also be super cute with comic strip pages. Imagine!! The tutorial is here. Though it is in French, it is still pretty easy to follow.

Hello Ombre! And these colors to me are just perfection.

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What do ya think? Are you a Plain Jane when it comes to nails or are you a creative Diva??

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