Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Feathered} Nails

Hello Friends!!

I am back from my long NYC work trip. It went by in such a blur but left me crazy exhausted. Stay tuned. A pic summary of my trip is to come.

But I did want to show you what I ended up doing with my nails. I found a lovely inexpensive bottle of nail polish that I adore called Grey Area by Sally Hansen. 

I painted all my nails that color and decided to try to add some flare by using feathers on a few nails. I was a bit too busy and frankly lazy to do every nail so I settled for every other and really like the end result. The only thing I would do differently next time, is not use any color on my nail before the feather is applied. It was hard to see the detail of the feather with the grey underneath. Though I did like the way it turned out just the same. It sorta looks like a cool leapard print to me.

Really the process is simple and I found pretty easy though you have to be percise and quick. Here's how I did it.

1. apply bottom coat (I will just use clear next time like I said earlier)
2. quickly apply feather to finger while bottom coat is still tacky. I used craft feathers and found one that I liked the shape of and applied directly. I used some like these:

3. let dry a few minutes and then trim with clippers around the edges so feather fits to fingernail
4. add top coat of clear. after that coat dries add another

There you have it, a feathered nail that your husband will not quite understand but will make you wear an accomplished smile.

My next feat may be applying lace. I will be sure to post pictures if it doesn't end tragically.

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