Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter & Keeping it Weird.

Happy Easter Y'all.

Our family had a wonderful day at church and then home for brunch despite the relentless terrential downpour we've been having in these parts for days.

The boys played with the goodies the Easter Bunny brought which included foam swords that didn't even make it until the end of the day.

Already trashed.

At one point I caught my oldest jumping off the playroom bench landing wallops with his foam sword mid-air. Sheesh.

Maybe I shouldn't have cracked them out on chocolate and then handed them a foam medieval weapon. My two boys could make a shank out of bubblegum and a popsicle stick. I should have known better.

After the giddiness of the baskets wore off a bit, Easter took a weird turn. Church clothes were shed and a bit of cross-dressing ensued with the boys having a dance off in my shoes while foaming at the mouth. Actually I think it was just half chewed peeps running down their chins.

Eww..peeps. Yucky. I can barely watch them eat 'em.

Occasionally I would step on those darn play snakes or randomly catch them slithering through my pictures. I hope they eat grass. Easter grass that my vacuum hates.

Most of all this day is a wonderful celebration of Jesus and his sacrifice that I'm so very grateful for.

Thank you Jesus.

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