Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NYC {Pic} Roundup

So finally a little roundup of quick pics I took on my camera phone while in New York City at Bridal Market. Unfortunately there is very little down time so everything was very on the go. Even my phone calls home were made in cabs while I sat smushed with co-workers.


Me, Jill (who is 7 months pregnant and brave), and Debra (owner & designer of Paris Inc.)

The hours are long, the feet are brutalized, but the food sure is good. And that truthfully is always something to look forward to even if my soul feels half-broken after working twelve hour days on very little sleep.

We do stay in the greatest hotel, San Carlos in mid-town Manhattan.

They have the comfiest beds, a yummy complimentary breakfast and the best 'lil mints are left on your pillow every night.

Bridal Market is held in a convention space that is pipe and drape. So that means everyone's showroom had to be completely built. We haul in furniture and spend two days merchandising and creating Debra's vision. It really does look beautiful inside when it's all put together. You forget you are in a massive warehouse space with hundreds of others.

Beautiful chandeliers and mannequin's wearing the most beautiful wedding dresses certainly help as well.

Sometimes I would sneak off to the Illy coffee station for a treat to get me through the rest of the long day. Do you know the amazement of the tastiest, overpriced coffee around?

After work we'd hop in the cab to go back to the hotel and drive right by all the sights that I could only enjoy from a speeding cab.

 Rockefeller Center

Times Square

There was just enough energy to enjoy a bit of dinner. Culinary highlights of my trip include:

 lump crab and chipotle guacamole downed with blood orange margaritas at Dos Caminos.

Veggie Korma with lemon rice at Mint (the best Indian food in Manhattan!!).

Pumpkin Ravioli that never disappoints at Pietra Santa.

The last day Jill and I met her adorable cousin who just moved to the city at the very cutest brunch place I've ever been called Penelope on Lexington. The palette was blues and greens with lots of whimsy.

I could live in that wonderous little cafe. It had me at church pew seats, old schoolroom tables and chandelier full of strawberries over the toilet in the restroom. Not too mention that I had pumpkin waffles with mango and papaya. The combination was beyond words.

So there it is my trip in pics. I vow to go to NYC someday not on business, and with plenty of time to explore all the sights and eat my way from block to block!

Have a happy week!

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