Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Gets Me Through {A Work Day}

A little sharing of necessities that get me through my work day.

Of course every morning always starts with a good cup of strong java.

A  little Edward eye candy.

As a caffeine addict..tea enters my afternoon.

Sometimes I have the greatest lunch at this place just down the street, Take the Cake. They do serve lunch and not just cake. Though sometimes I do partake in just cake for lunch.
Like you don't?

Usually with my fav Paris girl:

And it doesn't hurt to work in a pretty office.

with toile wallpaper.

and leapord print carpet.

or that from time to time I get to put on pretty things like Paris tiaras.

And that's how I do it. What gets you through your work day?

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  1. Whoa, this brings back lots of memories! It certainly is a pretty space to work in, huh? I love that Edward montage ;) I wish we'd had more time to work together, Chris. I can tell we would have had lots of fun together (and gotten in trouble too!) ;)

  2. Me too, me too, Rachel!! I know we would have had the very best time working together. I could tell just in the week we had training. The trouble is a given! We must connect sometime when you are back this way for lunch or such:)

  3. All I have to say is- Tyrone Wells! My husband found him in a coffee shop 9 years ago while he was going to school in Huntington Beach, CA. We were dating long distance and he would play the song "Sea Breeze" to me over the phone, I always felt so special! He moved back to Idaho and we were married that year. Occasionally we break out the CD and dance in the living room. I feel all 19 again, haha! Thanks for the memory!


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