Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Verry Merry Monday Inspiration {HOPE for JAPAN}

I've been hitting the road traveling for work lately so I've had zero time to really exercise my creative legs. Spring is bridal season and therefore our busy season. During my travels this weekend I was getting just bits and pieces of what was going on with Japan. There was really never anytime for me to stop and get the full story. Though what I was getting sounded horrific.

It wasn't until Monday whilst having coffee in front of my computer to start my day, did I click on my MSN homepage to see footage and details.

Tears streaming down my face, and sobs escaping my mouth, I had to excuse myself to the bathroom.

My heart is broken and bleeding for Japan. My day and perspective got a serious wake up call. Everything from my morning coffee to my lunch of leftovers seemed so lavish.

My mind has not stopped reeling in disbelief, sorrow and ongoing prayer. Constantly my thoughts are focused on how I can help or make a difference in the wake of this unbelievable tragedy.

I am so inspired by people who are already ON IT. Pulling together their time, talents and resources to make if even a small dent in what this precious country needs.

Dana over at Made is matching twice what her patterns in her shop sell for now until Sunday. Also listed on her newest blog post are many ways to donate or purchase items with proceeds going to Japan.

Craftzine blog has a post about Crafters coming together for Japan relief efforts here.

The awesome site A Beautiful Idea is built for artists who change the world. Shop here.

Consider the Lillies blog has items listed here.

One in the Hand has a wonderful post with a list of Etsy shops donating proceeds here.

There is a plethora of Etsy artists who are donating a portion or all of their profits to the Japan relief effort. If you were ever going to purchase from Etsy, please make it now and in one of these shops:

Fawning in Love's
Nan Lawson
Fourviere Hill

These are just a few I found. Google Japan Relief and you'll get pages of awesome people who are making a difference.

Also, 100% all profits of any sales in My Etsy Shop (see also sidebar) will go to Japan. I plan on adding some more items soon for this same purpose.

In the meantime I will be praying, praying and praying some more for Japan.

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  1. My heart feels like it just goes to pieces when I see this.

    Lexie Lane

  2. Thanks for sharing the info! The images of Japan are unbearable to look at. But, we must!


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