Monday, March 7, 2011

Very Merry Monday Inspiration {Wardrobe Remix}

If you are anything like me, you get up in the morning, open your closet door and stare into it with a hopeless look on your face at least half the time. It's not that there isn't  anything pretty in it. It's the putting it all together in a stylish way, a different way that doesn't completely bore you, or make you look like you ran away from the circus.

I need inspiration to get out of my tank-cardi-jeans-uggs uniform that I'm prone to put on for the shear comfort of it all. I'm a Mommy but I don't want to look like the hot mess kind (though I sure do more often than I'd like).

Well this weekend I fell in love with two gorgeous, inspiring, yet everyday girls with style I can completely relate to.

If you haven't already met, please let me introduce you to Sydney & Kendi.

Sydney at The Daybook is almost too adorable for words with effortless style. She is stunning in front of a camera, don't ya think?

She makes stripes on stripes really work.

She is soo convincing me that I can get rid of my Johnny Cash black and rock some serious color in a super chic way.

And seeing this had me a hunting for a mustard yellow cardi all weekend.

The Daybook is now a daily stop for me. I can't wait to see what she's wearing.

Kendi from Kendi Everyday is equally as adorable and all I can do is covet her hair in each beautifully lit shot compliments of her husband the professional photographer.

She is a master re-mixer and challenges herself in a 30 for 30 almost each season.

So this is how you pull off colorful tights. I was wondering.

I'm pulling my maxi dresses out as I type this because I love her chilly weather styling of them.

I must have this outfit exactly right now. Nope, tomorrow isn't soon enough.

I even love her casual style. alot. a whole lot.

A tie? Seriously? How can a man's tie be this cute on a girl and as an everyday look? My husband should hide his ties henceforth. I'm about to get my nerdy chic on!

Here's hoping this inspiration can pull me out of my wardrobe funk.
Where do you find inspiration for your personal style?

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  1. Love looking at all the cute outfits! Definitely fun and funky.

  2. I love Sydney too! But Kendi is new to me. They are both totally darling! Makes me think I need a good kick in the behind when it comes to creative wardrobe styling!


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