Monday, May 23, 2011

Summertime Fun

Summertime is the bestest. Yep the very bestest.

My kindergartener's last day of school is Wednesday. I'm not sure if he's more excited or I am. I can't wait for fun-filled summer days with my little gremlins. I've already been organizing and planning so we can pack the most joy into what feels like a too short summer.

In my summer-fun research I've come across lots of wonderful ideas to throw into my arsenal. And I think nice Mommies share.

A clothespin and a rubber band are gonna equal some serious boy fun as long as no one puts an eye out.

What do two paper plates, two popsicle sticks and one red balloon equal? Hysterical fun until the balloon pops. I give it 2 flat minutes with my Mr. Quinn.

Friendship Bracelets. If for nothing else my own nostalgia. I think I'm gonna rock a whole arm full of these this summer.

Goo. Homemade Goo. So when it gets full of hair and other nasties I can just make more.

Toast painting. I can just see us in our pjs painting our toast before devouring it with our eggs.

I love Butcher Paper. Endless Possibilities.

A nature scavenger hunt. Then we can make collages with what we find.

Cardboard boxes. A rainy day success for sure.

And there are lots of other summer crafty ideas I can't wait to try.

You must be as excited as I am about summer! If not we really have nothing in common.


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