Monday, May 9, 2011

A {Hairy} Situation

Well HELLO there! Hope your Mother's Day was quite wonderful. Mine sure was!

Please excuse the brief hiatus. May hit and now I have so much on my calendar I'm having a hard time fitting it all in!

Because my schedule is even more hectic (if that's even possible), I have even less time to pretty myself up before running from one activity or commitment to the next.

My hair is always the one to suffer. It gets immediately banished to ponytail city.

I have super straight hair mostly due to my asian genes and so it snubs it's nose up to anything resembling a decent wave or even a real curl. It's time consuming to get this hair to bend. 

Then I found the most ingenious idea that works like a charm and takes literally no time at all. I can't even believe it.

I first found it via pinterest where it lead me to Rocaille Writes where it sent me to the originater: The Lipstick Diaries on youtube and her tutorial. She is super fabulous and a joy to watch by the way.

I've been wearing a huge smile ever since. All you need is a thin stretchy headband and a hairdryer. I can do it before I go to bed and wake up and take it out. With a quick fluff I can be on my way.

Mostly I do it quickly in the morning by quickly spritzing my hair with water, tucking it into the headband and hitting it with a hair dryer. Instant bedhead or if I leave it longer, sexy vintage curls.

I haven't thought in the moment to take a pic to post here yet, but I promise to do so soon.

You must try this! My curling iron has now exited stage left.

Let me know if you try it and leave me a comment on how much you love it (or don't).

See you soon, my Pretties:)

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  1. I was totally intrigued by this idea! I tried it, but my hair is so uber thick and long that it didn't quite work out for me. Bummer :/ It's SO cute thoough!

  2. You do have that gorgeous thick hair! The trick is your hair can't be too wet that it won't dry completely or not wet enough for your hair to bend. Maybe play around with it a bit? It took me a couple trys to get it to work right for me. But now I'm addicted!


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