Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haunted Hangout

A few Fridays ago I celebrated two friends birthdays. Early in the night with a couple of my best girlfriends for drinks and gourmet pizza and then we joined a few guy friends to celebrate as well. When we met up with my guyfriends, it was at a place pretty close to my house called Bobby Mackey's. I've only been a handful of times.

It is a pretty large country western bar here in Kentucky with a very haunted past and well a very haunted present as well.


There is even a disclaimer in the front when you walk in warning you it is haunted and that Bobby Mackey's is not liable for haunted happenings you may experience. It doesn't seem to deter anyone. The place is packed! I always wonder if people go because it's haunted or because it's fun?

Regardless it makes for a pretty interesting evening. No ghosts were seen, but it still feels a bit creepy even with all of those people in there. Bobby Mackey himself still heads the house band there. I caught a pic of him on stage. He's sorta lengendary at this point.

When I was a teenager I remember reading the book about it: Hell's Gate. It's enough to make you crap your pants and then some. I find it completely fascinating and my husband equally so.

It was covered once by Maury Povich and most recently by Ghost Adventures. They've been there twice and has said it is one of the most haunted places they've ever been. 

Here is one of the Ghost Adventures episodes:

You can now take the Ghost Adventures tour there which I opted out of Friday night. Maybe next time? I'm not so sure.

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