Thursday, September 15, 2011

{Pinspiration} Text on Canvas

My addiction to Pinterest no doubt has birthed endless inspiration to start multiple projects. The trick is completing one and actually liking the end result. Everything looks possible and flattering on a pin board. Case in point is one of my latest DIY art projects inspired by this pin of Alisa Burke and her canvas art she created with a shoe polish applicator.

So cute, right? How awesome does that look on her wall above her couch with all those beautiful pillows? All I could think was: want.want.want. must have. must have. 

E.E. Cummings writes poetry that speaks to me. This poem in particular has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. 

Luckily because of my faithful thrifting, I already had a large canvas on hand to re-purpose that I purchased for a whopping $5. Looks like all I needed was some white paint to cover the current art on the canvas and some black shoe polish. Easy enough.

With a spare hour or so to myself in the front yard, I followed Alisa's directions and got this:

The shoe polish in the applicator was really easy to  write with. I did however misjudge my letters and spacing, so things got a bit cramped there at the end. There are really no rules with this type of art, so even-still I like the free spirit of it, especially the running of the shoe polish. 

Surprisingly my husband liked it too, but after putting it up over my coach in my own living room, I am not sold that its the best compliment to the space. So for now this canvas does not have a home in my home, but I enjoyed the process and know I will use a similar technique for future projects. 

So I say success!

What has Pinterest inspired you to do lately? It really has infiltrated my menu, my style, my home and my thoughts!

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