Monday, September 19, 2011

{Crockpot Chronicles} Roasted Chicken

I could sing a sweet serenade of love to my beloved crock pot atleast once a week for saving me from the dinnertime blues. Really, what's better than forgetting you had dinner in the crockpot until you hit your front door and the aromas enter your nose. A huge sigh of relief always follows. 

It seems many others share my enthusiasm for crockpot cooking. Lately I've seen that the crockpot girls and skinny crock have reached a massive amount of followers who are also sharing their favorite tried and true slow cooking meals. 

My plan this fall and winter is to plow through as many of these recommended recipes as possible. I'll be sharing here as I try each one, reporting the low-down on how easy it was to to do and how delicious the results were. I'll start with one I've used several times over the last few weeks that is a real pleaser in my home: Lemon & Herb Roasted Chicken

Trust when I say that I may never roast a whole chicken any other way. I know the following picture may not look overly appetizing, but you would be so wrong. So very wrong.

Time for you to try this so you can sing it's praises as well!

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