Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It's WIWW and I am again sharing some things I wore the past week. Unfortunately my photography of said outfits is yet to get better. Time my friends, is my downfall. In the spirit of keeping myself accountable for not being a frumpy Mommy, I'm posting anyway.

I went back in time recently with a friend. We hit a cute vintage boutique where I put on this frock that I actually considered buying for for a minute. In the end I walked away, but I've been thinking about that cute dress everyday since. Isn't the dressing room completely awesome??

I snapped this picture while on a break at work. Atleast my head is in it this week:)

top: kmart clearance ($1!)
cardigan: thrifted
skirt: Banana Republic
shoes: thrifted new

My color choices had me feeling like a Mortician all day for some reason. I wonder if it's all the Six Feet Under I've been watching. And as I look at that photo I realize that the fact that I put a skirt on most totally trumps the fact that it is more wrinkled than a Shar-Pei.

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