Thursday, June 30, 2011


Oh Pinterest you have the most clever ideas scattered amongst your boards!  I'm avidly collecting them and I thought it was time to share.

Can I tell you how many times my hubby and I have been frustrated by a stripped screw? I can't count that high. To think all we needed was a rubber band.

Laundry, how I despise thee.I may reconsider with a laundry tower.

Sheet sets stored in coordinating pillowcases. Simple and genius.

I could have room to purchase more shoes and purses. Wire hangers and shower curtain rings can make that possible. My wallet may not approve.

How about twelve pre-planned, pre-paid date nights? Talk about no excuses for not having a dating life with your Beloved. Cheaper than therapy and more fun too.

This solution for work and home is about a decade overdue.

My mind is slightly blown that boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk makes dulce de leche or carmel sauce. I see lattes, sauces and pies in my future. Just wow!

What clever thing have you seen or tried lately?

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  1. My mind is seriously blown by some of these! The date envelopes....complete and utter brilliance! Great finds, Miss Chris!


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